Review of the 12 in 1 Headband

Hey guys! I’m back!

Today I’m going to be doing a review of the Tough Headband. This is a headband that can be worn 12 different ways. Different ways to use this headband can be seen in this picture here:

tough band


So I received one of these Tough Headbands, or 12 in 1 Headbands, at a heavily discounted price in exchange to test and leave an honest review of the product. Tough Headband is the company that produces and sells this product, and you can check out their website here. I hopped onto Amazon and perused through the different colors and prints that they offered their Tough Headbands in. You can check out some of their selection hereI have to say, I was fairly impressed with the amount of selection they had to offer. I also really liked some of the designs they had to offer. I ended up picking the pattern Budapest, which looks like this :

tough headband


Isn’t it cute? So I got it in the mail and was a little bit surprised by what it looked like. It has the similar material of a cloth book cover that you would buy at Target or something to cover textbooks. It also kind of looks like part of a pant leg. But let me tell you, my doubt were quickly put the rest. The versatility of the product was not exaggerated. I’m sure there are even more that 12 ways to use this headband. Not only is it absolutely adorable, it’s also practical as well. I holds my hair back and I don’t have to worry about it falling off because there is a lot of material to hold it in place. I also used this a lot when I worked out and did wonders to keep the sweat out of my eye. I am very happy with this product and am thinking about getting another one in a different color.

My rating: 10 out of 10. I definitely recommend this product to anyone trying to keep hair or sweat out of their eyes and or face.

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