Review of Fractionated Coconut Oil by goPURE

Hey guys!

Today we’re doing a review of Fractionated Coconut oil by goPure. You can buy this product here and you can check out goPURE’s Facebook here, and their website here. I got this product at a heavy discount to test and give an honest review and all opinions about it are my own. So this is what the product looks like:cocobut

It is advertised as being a carrier oil for essential oils, a massage oil, or an oil that can be used by itself. If you don’t know what a carrier oil is, it’s just a plant based oil that is used to dilute essential oils. I have to say, I absolutely love this coconut oil as a carrier oil. I’ve just recently gotten into essential oils and was having trouble finding a carrier oil that I liked. A lot of them didn’t agree with my skin. But my skin really loves this Coconut oil. It’s never been this soft before. Sometimes I use the coconut oil by itself, without essential oils, and it still makes my skin extremely soft. This is really great for this time of the year because this winter has really wrecked havoc on my skin. Another thing that I really love about this oil is that it is EXTREMELY fast absorbing. Usually oils aren’t, but this one is absorbed by the skin way faster than other oils that I’ve tried. And I also haven’t limited this product to my skin. I’ve also used small amounts on the ends of my hair to give them moisture, and that has also worked really well.

My rating is 10 out of 10. This oil is great as a carrier oil for essential oils or just by itself. You can use it on your skin and or hair. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Thanks for reading guys!

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