Review of E-book There’s an App for Love by Moira Norton

Hey guys!

I’m back with a review of the E-book There’s an App for Love by Moira Norton. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Here’s a picture of the cover:



To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this book. The title didn’t really catch my eye and neither did the description:

Can you ever find real love in a virtual world?
Liam Connor, the world’s most famous sex guru, is asked to write a book on Flame, a dating app that’s a lot like Tinder. Liam’s surprised at his publisher’s request. He knows a lot about sex. But he’s been a failure at both love and marriage. Certain he’ll never find true love, he signs up for Flame, only to see his world turned upside down…
Liz Andrews is a curvy, beautiful and intelligent technology executive, who’s moving to Singapore to head up sales for all of Asia. She’s not even thinking of dating — until her friend convinces her to have one last fling in New York…through Flame.
Sparks fly as soon as Liz and Liam meet and their passion knows no boundaries. Liam realizes that Liz is the true love he has been waiting for all his life. But Liz is hurting from a prior relationship. She needs time to build trust. But with only three days before she leaves New York, is there enough time for both of them?
As Liam and Liz find out, going from “Like” to “Love” is more than just hard…it’s nearly impossible.

It’s a little bit cheesy. But as I started this book, I couldn’t seem to put it down. I really wanted to find out what was really going on and get to the end. Some of the events that happened in the book were a little bit far fetched and odd, but it was still fun to read.

My rating is 7 out of 10. It’s a semi interesting book that has a number of steamy scenes, which are always fun. Some of the things that happen are a little cheesy and far fetched. Still a fun read though.

Thanks guys!

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