Review of Luxury Microfiber Sheet Set by Yorkshire-Mayfair

Hey guys! Back for more!

In this post I’ll be reviewing of set of Luxury Microfiber Sheets by Yorkshire-Mayfair. They are queen sized sheets. If you want to buy them, you can do so here. I received these sheets for free in exchange to test and review honestly. I received them in red, but here’s a picture of them in white:



These sheets boast of an extra long pocket, so they won’t come off the mattress as easily as some other fitted sheets do, and let me tell you that that held true for me. I move around a lot when I sleep, so having fitted mattress sheets come off the best is something that I’m used to. I’ve been sleeping on these sheets for about a week now and they haven’t come off once. It’s awesome. The sheets are also really soft which is always nice. And the color is this deep, romantic red that I really really love. Oh and did I mention that these sheets are wrinkle free?! Always a plus

My rating is 10 out of 10. I really love how these sheets look, feel, and fit. They are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks guys!

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