Review of Scorched RX Jump Rope

Hey guys!

In this post I’m doing a review of a Scorched RX Jump Rope. You can check out the jump rope here. I got this product for free as part of a promotion but all opinions are my own. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:



Now I am no jump rope expert, but I do enjoy the occasional jump. When I received this jump rope, I was a little surprised. It looked so tiny! But the way that it was wrapped made it look so compact. It more than big enough to accommodate my height. You actually can also adjust the height of the jump rope, which is really cool. I’ve never seen a jump rope that does that. I also really like the look of the jump rope. It’s really sleep and the black is really nice. The handles and rope are extremely light weight, but also extremely durable.

My rating for this jump rope is 10 out of 10. It’s really cool looking, the height it adjustable, the handles and rope are extremely light weight while also being extremely durable. I would recommend this jump rope to anyone looking to find an awesome jump rope.

Thanks guys!

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