Review of Blackwood Crossing by MK McClintock

Hey guys!

In this post I’m doing a review of an e-book, Blackwood Crossing by MK McClintock. This is the second novel in the British Agent Novel series. You can check out more on the book here. I received this book for free in exchange to read and review honestly. Here’s a picture of the book:



Here’s a quick note from the author:

Dearest Reader,

Sometimes a story comes along that you want to write but it’s a struggle. Your characters take on lives of their own, and no matter how much you want to control them, you can’t. Rhona and Charles are unlike any other characters I’ve written. Their personalities took some getting used to, I’ll admit, but when I did, I came to love them as much as I have any others. In some ways, they are the strongest “people” I’ve ever known, and certainly written. They’re fierce and uncompromising, and if they were to walk this earth, I would be honored to call them friends.

Happy Reading,
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is the second of a series, but you can read it alone. The book still makes sense if you don’t read it in order of the series. But I recommend doing so because it adds more to the story. The story is awesome and really engaging. I really enjoyed this book.
My rating is 10 out of 10. This is a great book for anyone to read.
Thanks guys!

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