Review of Smart Weigh’s SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale

Hey guys!

In this post I’m doing a review of Smart Weigh’s SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale. You can check out their amazon page here. I received this product for free in exchange to test and review honestly. Here’s a picture of the product:


This is hands down one of the coolest scales I have ever owned in my life. It’s just plain awesome to be honest. The scale comes in a box that is nicely packaged, with an instruction manual and a four of AAA batteries. Right there, AWESOME. What products now-a-days comes supplied with batteries? I can not think of one product. AWESOME.

So the scale itself is so sleek. It has a really nice, clean cut, finished look to it. The scale top is made out of high-strength tempered glass, which looks really nice. It’s also super easy to clean as well. I just spray it with some windex and wipe it clean with a paper towel.

This is a smart scale, meaning that it can auto-recognize up to 8 people. How cool is that? So when I weight myself, it will tell me how much I weigh, then it will show me how much weight I’ve gained or loss since the last time I weighed myself. Super cool. I absolutely love this scale and think it’s a great addition to any household.

My rating is 10 out of 10. This is the coolest scale ever and offers a lot of features.

Thanks guys!

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