Review of Natural Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask by VenusCare

If you are looking for a peaceful night’s rest, look no further. This silk sleep mask will ensure a deep sleep, late in the morning. No sunlight is getting through this mask! The mask itself is extremely  aesthetically pleasing. It’s a deep blue color, with a black back. It comes with an adjustable, black band. The mask does such a great job of blocking the light out. The mask itself is also extremely soft and comfortable. It’s not uncomfortable to wear the mask to bed at all.  The straps fit comfortably around the head and rest on top of the ears. I didn’t have a problem falling asleep with it on whatsoever. It’s also fairly inexpensive.We just moved into our house, and we haven’t gotten around to installing the blackout shades, so A LOT  of light gets through the windows in the mornings. It’s almost impossible to sleep past 8 a.m. because it’s so bright. I wore my mask to sleep last night, and slept well past 10 a.m. I would definitely say it’s worth buying if you are sensitive to light.

Check out the product here:


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