Review of VOICE37 by Clyor

So I play a lot of volleyball. I usually play a couple times during the week and two day long tournaments on the weekend. That’s a lot of volleyball. On the court, I am a very loud and vocal player. I am screaming and talking A LOT. It gets to the point that I love my voice about every weekend. Then it’ll come back over the week, just for me to lose it again over the weekend. It’s really a viscous cycle. To make matters worse, I also love to sing. I was a serious singer in high school as well as for a little bit in college. It’s a passion of mine. But singing becomes very difficult to do when you never have your full voice. Whenever I singing along to the radio after a weekend of volleyball, I sound like a herd of fighting cats. It’s terrible. Until I stumbled across VOICE37 by Clyor. It’s an herbal supplement in drop form that claims to be a vocal booster. It claims to “support vocal chords, help clear nasal passageways, and increase clarity.” Now, I’m not seriously performing now like I used to. However, I know all that screaming I do is not good for my vocal chords, especially if I’m chronically yelling. The part that most appealed to me was supporting my vocal chords. It also claims to “support and sooth the voice.” So I figured I’d try it. I thought it was taste terrible, but actually it’s not that bad. I don’t want to drink a full glass of it, but the taste is slightly pleasant and almost sweet. I’ve used it a couple of times now. I take a dosage before and after each of my volleyball days and I’ve noticed that my voice definitely comes back sooner. My throat also didn’t get as sore from yelling. So far, I’m definitely interested in continuing my use of the product. So far so good!

If you’d like to check out or buy the product, you can do so here:


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