Review of Ancordworks Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

So I’m just your average person. I work, cook, clean, exercise, try and eat healthy. You know, normal people stuff. And like your average person. I love to sing in the shower. Something about listening to music and singing along while little water droplets engulf your body in warmth is just incredibly soothing. The only problem is, my phone can never play my music loud enough to hear over the roar of the shower. I hate bringing my phone into the bathroom while I shower anyways because I feel like the condensation and steam from the shower gets into the phone and can damage it. I’m just a little paranoid. So I was super excited to get the chance to review this water resistant AND Bluetooth shower speaker by Ancordworks. I could leave my phone outside of the bathroom so the steam doesn’t damage, still listen to my music, and actually hear it over the water. So far so good. I’ve used it a couple of times not and it works great. It even has a convenient carabiner attached so you can hook it to one of your shower rings if you’d like. I haven’t gone so far as to bring the speaker in the shower with me. It says that it’s water resistant, not waterproof. So I’m not risking getting it wet. The only issue I’ve seen so far with this product is that the charging chord is a little bit short. So the plug in my bathroom is a little high up, so when I plug the speaker in to charge, it just dangles there and doesn’t reach the counter. And the speaker is so heavy that it pulls the charger out of the wall. I have to rest the speak on something so it can reach. Other than that, it works great!

You can check it out here:


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