Review of Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Hey guys! So I’m back with another review. This one is about the Ancord Micro Bluetooth speaker. So first off, this speaker is indeed micro. It’s smaller than a lightbulb. I was super apprehensive about how the sound quality was going to be because it was so small, but I figured I’d give it a chance. So I took it out of the box and turned it on and connected my phone and started playing music. It actually came out really clear and crisp. And it was actually pretty loud as well. It filled up my whole room with sound on the loudest setting. I’m definitely happy with the product and how well it works. I also really like the blue color that the actual speaker is too. It’s super cute and super convenient because it is so small. You can also take phone calls on the speaker with loud volume and clarity or even have it be your remote shutter. I haven’t tested that part of the speak out yet but apparently you can take that perfect selfie with a touch of a button, which is pretty cool actually. The price of the speaker is 19.99 which isn’t too bad for what you get, especially because it works great. I recommend this speaker for your personal room or something like that.

You can read more and purchase the speaker here:

Thanks for reading!

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